"Skeet's Custom Rods makes a great frog rod. I love mine. He makes an
unbelievable rod for fishing a fluke style bait."
Steve Dyer  North Carolina

"I love the flipping stick you built for me. Thinking about getting you to
build me another one."
Brandon Smith  North Carolina

"I just wanted to let you know the two rods I purchased from you are
Pat Goodwin  Virginia

"I used your rod this afternoon. I like it a lot. I compared it with some of
my others and I was able to feel the difference in sensitivity of your rod
compared to the others."
Stuart Smith  Virginia

"The rod feels good and is very light and comfortable in your hand all
Richard Burnham  Georgia

I received the rod Friday and it is great. Hope to go fishing this week and
plan to use it."
Earl Bunting  North Carolina